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Weight and fat loss have been a constant kick for women when it comes to health issues associated with obesity. Most of them are not exercising on regular basis and eating healthy as they should. This kind of lifestyle is dangerous regarding the health problems associated with poor dieting and lack of exercise such as risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer. 

Leptin hormone is the major issue of women fighting hard to lose fat. Venus factor is one among the fat burners for women that focus on the issues of fat loss problems. This product offers women a fat loss support for women who like to reduce belly fat as well as maintain a healthy weight. Women who consider using this diet product in their weight loss program have to check out the venus factor review shared by many users over the web.

Since women and men are created differently products that work for men cannot offer good results for women. Leptin is the hormone that controls the ability of the body to burn extra fat. 

Low leptin levels can slow down the metabolism of the body and signals the body to collect fat whereas high leptin levels can speed up the metabolism and signal the body to burn extra fat. Even though women have leptin twice the amount of men, both of them face problems that keep them from reducing weight. 

The venus factor product is a weight loss plan for about 12 weeks that helps women in increasing their metabolism while aiding in weight loss. This product can bring them out a sexy body with long term weight and fat loss. This is not a magic pill that can offer you such outcome. You have to work hard and control your tasty buds to reduce the intake of calories and burn unwanted fat.